Personal branding


Everyone has a brand, whether by default or deliberate creation. Personal brands are the image and feeling that others have of us, that influence the degree and manner in which they will engage us. Being consciously involved in shaping our personal brand is a critical component of career management. Parker Williams Consulting provides individuals and teams with tools to identify, fine-tune, reinforce, and test their personal brand and leverage it for career success. 

Services include:

Large Group Presentations

Personal Branding Workshops

Personal Brand Assessments

One-on-one Coaching


Buy the Book!

Personal Branding Bloopers, Blunders, and Boo Boos . . . and how to climb back! is a book and workbook that will demystify the personal branding process and guide you through the process of creating or revamping your self-brand.  It will help you identify the excuses, emotions, and destructive habits that stand in the way of you achieving your career goals.


This is a powerful tool for individuals, for work teams, and for entrepreneurs.  It is relevant for those who are currently working and for those who are transitioning between jobs.