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A personal brand is the image that comes to mind when people think of you. . . the perception you leave behind that distinguishes you from others; and if it is working you will stay top of mind as leaders consider those for promotions, for special projects, and for career advancing assignments. Everyone has a brand, whether by default or deliberate creation. Being consciously involved in marketing yourself and shaping your personal brand is a critical component of career management. While all professionals can appreciate the impact that a powerful branding strategy can have for an organization or product, many overlook the impact that a personal branding strategy can have on their own careers. This seminar will provide individuals with tools to identify, fine-tune, reinforce, and test their self brand and leverage it for career success!

It is What it is

This session is an interactive dialogue on how to consciously create and reinforce one's personal brand. Participants will receive tools and techniques that will enable them to identify what is and what is not working with their current brand and how to put into place high octane strategies that address their personal situations. During the session, participants will actively work on their personal branding strategy and receive feedback.

Who Should Attend?

No matter what point you are in your career, this seminar can benefit you. This session was designed for:

-- Anyone looking to excel in their career

-- Those looking to make a more visible and memorable impact on their stakeholders (e.g., managers,
    business leaders, clients, direct reports, peers, industry colleagues, etc.)

-- Professionals in transition (e.g., those moving into a new role, changing companies, or changing careers)
How You Will Benefit

As a participant, you will walk away with:

-- An enhanced understanding of how the principles of branding can be used in career management

-- A straightforward process for applying branding at any stage of your career

-- Tools and templates that can be leveraged to create, rebuild and evaluate the effectiveness of your brand

-- An opportunity to develop components of your personal branding strategy and receive immediate feedback

-- Exposure to real life success strategies that have been used to build and rebuild personal brands

-- Strategies for enlisting the help of others as you execute your branding strategies

Seminar Content

The Anatomy of a Brand

The Role of Branding in Career Management

Executing Your Branding Strategy

Methods for Determining the Success of Your Brand

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