Career and Talent Management Solutions


Diversity and inclusion strategies start with an understanding of the insights, interests, needs, and talents of the organization’s stakeholders – employees, customers, suppliers, and the global community.  This understanding enables organizations to leverage diversity in a manner that contributes to high performance and business success.  Parker Williams Consulting has worked with leaders and councils across many industries to position diversity in a manner that inspires buy-in and ownership. We believe that the optimal solutions are reached by taking time to assess the unique strengths and opportunity areas within each client company. 


Services include:

<  Diversity/Culture Assessments


<  Cross Cultural Competency Assessments and Debriefs for individuals
       and Leadership Teams


<   Design and Facilitation of Cross Cultural Learning


<   Diversity and Inclusion Strategy Development and Consulting


<   Workshop Design and Facilitation


<   Employee Network/Business Resource Group Strategies


<   Supplier Diversity Strategies





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